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Limited Scholarships & Financial Assistance are Available 

Tuition by Program

*Paid in full option must be paid on or by September 1, 2023.  Per our Policies and Procedures there are no refunds for any reason. No other discounts can be combined

with paid in full option.

*A sibling discount of $100 will be given to families with 2 or more children attending

The Schoolhouse Reimagined.

*Scholarships and financial assistance cannot be combined with any other discounts.



All Ages

The Schoolhouse Reimagined uses The Good and the Beautiful curriculum, which emphasizes the importance of God, family, high moral character, nature, art and literature. The curriculum will be used for Math and English Language Arts. Science and History are also embedded and integrated throughout. The use of our own professional expertise, knowledge and experience will facilitate and guide the children’s learning.  We believe that children thrive and are most successful when exposed to a healthy balance of academic concepts and skills, socialization and self-directed exploration.

Outdoor Class
Tuition: Services
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