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The Schoolhouse Reimagined Wreath_edited.jpg

The Schoolhouse Reimagined is the vision of two teachers (and mothers!), who, after years in the public school system, saw the need for a new path in the educational journey.

Within the school system, we have experienced, firsthand, the absence of

morality; the decline of wholesome values; the disintegration of traditions; as well as attacks on those who hold God and country in high esteem. 

As a result of our experiences, we felt compelled to create The Schoolhouse

Reimagined. Our desire to bring back traditional educational values with a fresh approach guided its creation.

The Schoolhouse Reimagined is a developing community of families with shared values. It is a place to come together to learn, explore and socialize; unobstructed by the current societal trends in education.

Now, more than ever, this world is in desperate need of intelligent, kind and good human beings who are guided by a strong moral compass. We feel called to help raise and educate those future generations.

Our Vision: About Us
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